Monday, April 18, 2011

The journey

Very soon and I will be leaving UKM for internship and after, graduation. All these passes with blinking speed and somehow, I do have some feeling attached to it. I will surely miss all my 'circles' here. My Viva will be on 21st April (Thursday) and will be in evening. Hope I doesn't crash my presentation. 

Last week, I done my first paper and it was like, Gosh! I neglect that part and its out as a full questions. After the exam, we went for a simple meal for celebration. Initially we thought of going to Alamanda but the road towards there was flooded. Then we thought of going to Domino's Pizza as we got a discount coupon. However, we ended up at a restaurant in Kajang. Had Portuguese Chicken Chop set at around 3.30pm and was dated for another meal at 7pm. 

Thursday has become a fast food day for me. In the morning, my friends and I went for McDonald for breakfast and later we went for Popeyes at Mid Valley. I ordered a set of 3 chickens and due to promotion, I got extra chicken wings. Its the most heavy meal I ever had in my life! Together with coleslaw and mashed potatoes which were way better than in KFC, both Jacky and me had finished the meal like we're too hungry.  We then had Rio for movie. I like the movie though as it touched a lot on kinship, love, dream, tolerance and more. After the movie, Jacky went to McD to buy himself  merchandises of Rio.  The night is still young. We went for Manhattan Fish Market for dinner instead. I didn't order as I was too bloat then.

On Friday, I went to the Career fair at Mid Valley. Yes, Mid Valley for the second consecutive day. I realize I got very limited job choices for my majors. Mostly, I applied for QA/QC and even as management trainee. Luckily I still found a company that accept molecular biologist for degree level. Leave the bad news and I finally met Nadia again after the last encounter during Yoke's wedding! We crap too much duh! 

So lets move on to the next day. I went to KLCC for Pikom PC fair and the to Mid Valley again for the third consecutive days. I seem to have strings attached to Mid Valley. Just went there for simple meal and set back to campus. It was a tiring journey for me as I never got enough sleeps these few days for outing. Hopefully, I can have enough strength to subdue the quest of my life =)

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