Friday, June 10, 2011

Under socializing practice

Had been sometimes since I last update. Time really passes in a jiffy. Is almost the end of the 6th week of my internship periods. Gosh!!!

I am starting to worry about my mini project now. Even though I had searched for some journals, I don't think that's enough for my research. What should I do? After working, I had been constantly fatigue and sleep earlier than when I was at college. Seem like I had lost my enthusiasm in research field huh? Can't help myself to slacking and idling around. Right now, I am almost a nerd! Wake up, drive, work, drive, back, eat, sleep and the cycle just goes on and on. Still, it is better than I just idling around doing nothing.

At work, the new student whose I mention earlier continued his essentric act and still stand strongly to his weirdos thought. Sometimes, I does find him very irritating and disgusting. However, I can do nothing as his exposure to the working environment is lesser than anyone else in the lab. He lack of experience to socialize and the way to read emotions from faces. I can say that he is very innocent and stubborn. That's good as he still got a lot of space to learn more stuff. Remember I once told him that "As a scientist u have to be very flexible. Thinking solid won't bring you far and you will just stuck to your own dimension". Wondering how true was my word back then.

Facing him was like a disaster. I had been mentoring him since most of the staff there start to let go. The way to mentor him is very different from what others did. I actually 'scold' him but for him, I was just debating with him. Quite tiring huh? Maybe I am just that kind of person who like to scold people huh?

Recently, he started to become our laugh-stock as his signature moves become our everyday hand sign. He actually found that disgusting but maybe that's one of the way to stop him from irritates us. While driving home a while ago, there was a topic about essentric person and heard a reply from a listener. What he said did make some sense to me: "Essentric person brings more joy to the working place and make the tense working place more cheerful". Somehow, what he said did knock on my head telling me that I sure need to reconfigure myself so that I am less complaining and accept people's flaws.

Oh yeah, my result for last semester had been released. Even though I couldn't squeeze myself into dean list, at least I did achieve my target of pulling my result back to the line again. The result was just as I expected for the worse I can score and its actually the SAME as what I expected. Why all the bad that I think or spell out happens? Anyway, hope I can find a job faster so that I can really buy stuff I like :)

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