Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm descendants of Nyonya Baba!!!

Now only I know that I have the bloodstream of Nyonya Baba. My great grandma is actually nyonya and lived in Red House at Malacca years back. She been living as a pure nyonya who wore and follow the culture of theirs. However, I doesn't have the chances to meet them yet. What a shame for me. Actually there are more relatives allocated all around but I have no idea who and where they are. If there's ain't any serious matter that bring us all together, I doubt I will be able to even meet and recon anytime soon.

Fate is really a miracle. It bring peoples together even when it is taking away some one closed. The bond of this family has been tied stronger even with this situation. So right now, we, as younger generation should try to explore through the history of this family and start to find out the rest of our family member.

Always in remembrance: 2nd aunt and cousin at Sarawak. May both of you rest in peace!
#will go to Sarawak if possible and meet with all my cousin there one day for sure!!! Wanna find another uncle who had the exact face as my dad...LOLz

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