Saturday, March 03, 2012

Start counting down

I am starting to count down for my final days in office life. This time, I am leaving to further study. Well, I am still young and this might just be an alternative ways to achieve my goal. Nevertheless, my goal remains a secret so that I can try my very own effort to achieve without listening to other's comment.

I live life my very own way. So there should be no obstruction and barriers to stop me from moving forward. However, the memories will always be there. Get to know of few friends with same channel and that is what I abandoning in the company. My knowledge will be passed on but don't think will be everything.

In the company, I got to have few good friends whose were also my customer. When I inform them about my plans to leave the company, they are shocked! As I am the only person who know how to deal with them effectively. Anyway, they still sent me the best wishes and I also tried my best to monitor their progress with new peoples until my last day in the company.

Every gathering ends with goodbye. The same goes with working. We have to say goodbye eventually to colleagues sooner or later. The bonding exist could never be broken. All well ends well. Gracias~

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