Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mental health?

Sometimes I am wondering why am I doing so to my own body. However, there is no answer behind all this.
I am mentally sicked and thus contributed to some of my physical sick as well.

Mental health is very important in maintaining good and fisque physical health. Keep your mental healthy and you will feel healthy from inner self. For me, I did the reverse. I am slowly crippling my mental and spiritual... Sorry if you see me posting most on my health problem. I couldn't help but to continue anyway. Self-infliction in another level of stage and I am upgrading the stage slowly and mentally.

There must be a reason on why am I self-inflicting so much since I entered public University. Some may have already know the answer but I would have the secret kept deep in my heartfelt. Its true that I can revert everything back to normal but the addiction and the "thrill" just make me impossible to stop myself.

There are so many things to be done but I choose this ain't funny right? After years of crippling my health, my gastritis seem to be getting worse. My gastric juice just being released from time to time and I am trying very hard to stop heartburn from happening again. Whatsoever, it might happening in 1 or 2 days even when I am eating on time and with the correct portion. I really hate to go back to >400 mg antacid again but seem like soon I will.

Anyway, I will try to make myself extremely busy again to curb this issue. Until then....

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