Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yet another hills conquering missions

When was I last updated my blogs? Nada..been month I abandon my venting space. Lolz

Today, I had another wonderful experiences with my fellow lab mates. Its fun to hang around together and have meaningful activities. Almost everyone sacrifices their sleep time in order for us to have fun together. Setting off at 4 a.m. ain't easy. Staying awake and lethargy for this high energy consumed activity is even harder but we prove that we conquered it all. The whole trips comes with a "slogan" which is "WOW!!! Fantastic Baby!!!"

Can you get the coherency of this? Haha...
Never belittle the power of nature as I believe we are blessed enough to still safe to hike to the peak of the hill. Why do I say so? It was raining sometimes 12 hours before we reach the hills and start climbing. However, I was quite despondent with the scenery of the hills. Its no longer that beautiful and majestic as compared to previous trips. It was filled with RUBBISH and VANDALIZED. Why we human are so damn self-fish??? Can't anybody just make sure whatever activities that to be carried on does not destroy the natural beauty of what mother earth gave birth to? Its good if you would like to have something to prove your appearance to certain place but when you did so, have you thought of the consequences? I believe that every living beings can think and act accordingly. Anyhow, that's my feeling after went for the second times.

I did feel happy and excited but on the other hand, I was moody and despondent. Can you describe this feeling?

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