Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Demotivation of blogger

What demotivated me from writing more in my blog?

The ultimate reason is due to the appearance of spam message and comments. By using certain software of bugs, some website are able to post comments and messages automatically to all available website that they are able to view. This is quite distracting and irritating as most of the personal blogger (non-business based) shares their thought with their friends. However, if you have notice, any messages in the message box are quickly buried below. Deleting all those messages is added task for some and demotivates people from posting more and more.

I used to be blog enthusiastic but no longer for this moment. I can hardly imagine the lost6 of my private space. Should I just private my account so only selected few can view? Nada..... I rather leave it as it is and thats it. PERIOD!

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