Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy convocation my friends!!!

Has been a tiring day. I went for my friends convocation at UKM today but empty handed :P
Sorry guys! I ran out of budget due to some constrain. Well guys, I am happy for u guys for graduating after 4 years of hardship.

Raining most of the time, it was quite dampening for those who graduate today as they couldn't have a good spot to snap with friends and fellow batch match. Most of us had an umbrella in the hand just in case of another downpour. Nevertheless, I snapped few pics with all my friends. Sorry for those I couldn't attend. 

There is an interesting and embarrassing incident that happens to me though. While searching for my friends, an uncle asked me whether I could shade him over to another side of the hall since it was heavy downpour at that moment. I agreed and bring him over while need to make a big turn. Along the way, he kept ask me to be careful as I wore slippers. When we finally reach the destination, he suddenly fork out his wallet and gave me 10 bucks. I'm so embarrassing at that moment and decline his kind offer few times but he insisted. Anyway, really thanks for the "tips". 

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