Saturday, October 06, 2012

Inspiration. Phrase. Inner thought.

There were times when some inspiration pop out from blues. Some little analogy of life somehow does inspired and gave support on everyday work.

Here's what I come up with tonight from listening to some musics and watching dramas and variety shows which I think worth sharing.

1) Life is indeed not a competition. We live to pave our own path even with hurdles. The so called "competition" with others can only be considered as the hurdles that we need to get over with and not fight until both party are hurts and drop silent.

2) Sometimes we're just not honest enough with what we express. Irrational thought when commute via phone calls or others approach is just immature thought. Meeting face to face and spread things out is the only way to solve a problem rationally by brainstorming for the best solution. This could be one of many ways to salvage a broken ties.

3) Never hold on something strongly and stubbornly without realizing that they do need to breath fresh air as well.

4) Forcing others to follow your own footstep will only worsen the ties between both. Everyone have their own freedom to do what they like to and not obediently following a path that others pave for you without feeling at least some love to it.

5) Those who always smile at others and does not complain much on their unhappy events are the one who needs more attention as they are hiding their fragile side in the dark.

Above are few that inspired me enough as I could really felt as if I'm in the same shoes. Being overly stubborn and obstinate over some possession, personality difference with others and being alone and so on making me realize something important. Although whats there will always be there untorn, somehow, somewhere we will face our life bravely with grace!

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