Saturday, October 06, 2012

Busy October

What is October meant to you?

For me, its an extreme month! Timetable is a mess and biological clock messed up. Hardly believe that I lived to suffer October blues. October is a month of hardwork as I got limited budget to spend with in first place. Compensating the time spend for leisure, I filled it with more workloads. You may say I am crazy to stay overnight for most of the night in this month but whose not crazy when something is need to be done in short notice? Believing that suffer now and enjoy in the future, what sow now is what harvested later. I am building my own bridge to the future where in between, hurdles need to be passed and rerouting have to be done. I am lucky on this path of life as I was bestowed with a lots of passionate and helpful peoples. Some even helps me in making great leap of life.

The tired body of mine soon need to have a good rest. Been noticing abnormality in my body due to disturbance of biological clock. Migraine and gastritis seems to be frequent visitors nowadays. This must be a sign of distress from body seeking for help but was ignored ever since by indulging into heavy workloads. Maybe its time to have a companion to lookout for me on this minute matter. Empty thought seeping off. Au revoir tout le monde!

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