Friday, November 30, 2007

Today and the past me

Finally, I'm going to sit for the last paper for STPM on next Tuesday. The only thing that make me felling down now is I was sick. Oh my God!!! To think I can finally graduate but still I wasn't shake off the devil of sickness. It keep coming back to me every month. Even though it's a common flu with a bit of sore throat but I still don't feel well with it. My limbs feel cold all the time and my lips turning red even more. It was like the colour of blood but darker. So,I hate to go out when I was sick. I'll shun myself away during this period as people will ask me why am I like to apply lipstick on my lips when I am a guy. This is very embarrassing because I can't stand people looking at me at some different view.

I can't even study in this condition. All I do is sniffing all day long. Haiz...

Weak to study but I still have to face it. It's my destiny to fulfill my dreams to be in the chart of top 100 richest man in the world. That's why I have to strive hard and hard in order to accomplish my task given by me own self. It is a quite impossible dreams and it's very common. Everyone urge to be famous and rich but not everyone done it. The chances just slip away before they find out.

Anyway, still very happy because I can finally start to work and earn more money to establish at least some industrial and business foundation for my future. It will be a great experience for me. Back to few years ago, I have been employed for some part-time jobs. I sill remember my first job is to warp hamper in some shopping centre. Lots of hamper awaiting me to warp together with my department manager especially during festive season. There are tonnes of hampering which have to be warp in the hampering department where there's only 2 wrapper. It was fun as I not only working as a hamper boy but I also work at the information and freebies counter. I was able to communicate with all kind of people and sharing some information together among colleagues but all this didn't last long. Soon I quit the job there and found a job as a cashier also in shopping centre. That was my one of happiest moment in all the jobs I got. The job was simple and full of adventure. not forgetting the first day I start to open the counter on my own, customers were so helpful as I was very slow in packaging all the stuff they bought. They even help me in the packaging and giving me support most of the time. Sometimes, I can even slack by helping other colleague to collect all the unwanted stuff together and divide accordingly to it's department.

During my working days, I would get scolding and praising by customer but I don't mind. They are always right as in this phrase, "Customer are always right". Sometimes, my department head will place me at the wine and liquor counter. The promoter there will always gossip. Soon, I also get influence and gossip a lot. Good day don't last long, school break has end. I have to back to school and forsake the happy moment and return to my actual self as a student.

As soon as I graduate in SPM, I have gone back to work. By chance, I was back as a cashier at different shopping mall- which is the one I started to work for the first time. It was fun too but sometimes boring because the mall will be empty in the evening for some special occasion such as night market. We can even heard flies flying. Time flies and a few month has passed. I quit my job there and work at Soxworld also in shopping mall.

I might be the first guy to work there. Working there was fun too. I got to know a lot of friends especially all the aunties and uncles and even foreigners. We help each other so much. Buying food for each other, having fun together and even gossiping around together. Then, I have to quit the job again because my form 6 class is starting.

During the first half year of form 6, I got the opportunities to work as a promoter for brand " Forest". Folding and arranging all the cloth there was really tiring but I was contented to work at there. I finally become best friend with my classmates as they were also working part-time there. Maybe not a promoter in the same companies but we chat a lot and even eat a lot. During that few month of schooling and working days, I have gain a total of 6kg. It's amazing that I don't even realise until the beginning of this year. Yea... it's 2007. Since last year too, I was also work as a waiter for catering company. The food there was really nice. Boss was nice to us and tell us a lot of the knowledge of living and living on. Hard work did paid off. I was called to work very frequently and having so much chances to eat all kinds of food and meet various kind of people. I would still work for them when I was free. It's really fun there.

Now, 2007 is almost end. I have ever wonder how I can have so many kind of jobs in a very short time. Barely three year and I have been employed by different companies and different jobs. I think, I was too lucky because they help me a lot. They also enlightened me to view the world in another perspective. That is what we won't be able to learn in schooling days.

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