Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Life experience ~ Region Foncee

After two days of special replacement at the Pelangi Mall branch, I found out that the views and environment there was different from in Jusco branch. Lesser customers and lesser sales. The only thing that is more than in Jusco was the branch was larger. The customer there was also more weird than in Jusco but some of them was more friendlier than in Jusco. Working there was so damn boring. Time was wasted as I clean the store, racks etc. As there were less customer, I felt sleepy so often but luckily there is a compact dist shop just right in front of 'my' shop. The dust was also the big thing there. All the spec will be coated by a layer of thin dust in half a day time. That was too fast.The dust accumulation there was so rapidly that I have to clean specs as there were no customers. This is also a way to waste the remaining working time. Even when these two days were X'mas eve and X'mas, I still don't see any progress in the daily sales. the number of customers still remain almost constant but they were more willing to fork out more money for their specs.

Out of a sudden, I have become a price consultant as there were a lot of customer asking me the price of the items and exited from the shop after they got the price. It was something like surveying but it was like a mass and focusing survey~~price surveying through me...

The branch there open later and close earlier than in Jusco. So, I can sleep longer than I was. Working there was so carefree but have to handle the customers very well or otherwise they will just complain. I don't know why I got this kind of thinking but I think this is a very normal thing because this is a modern city.

Many unexpected but common thing come and leave. All of this was a destiny and a stage that everyone of us have to undergo. For me, all this was like a dream. A weird but real dream. I bet many people have go through something call DEJAVU. Sometimes this stuff was really annoying. There was a few times that I saw the same scene that I can even predict what going to happen the next second. This kind of scene was coming back to me for at least four time. It was weird and I saw the scene again and again. The loneliness and emptiness of the scene make me felt scare to caught the same scene again. I don't like boring and dull life. So, usually I will walk around and socialise with other even though it was a waste of time. I was really scare to be left alone and done something alone. Perhaps I was born to be work with other. Doing things alone was boring but I somehow enjoy the sense of achievement. The hard work paid off.

Even so, most of the assignment was done by me individually. No cooperation and no team mate but when done, some will ask to borrow and copied most of the content away. It not that I don't like it but I hate to see my friends in this kind of situation. A group of them will not improve themselves as they always copy and paste the content of other jobs. This make me felt bad and will tried to hide away my done task to prevent copying. That was what that reduce me to this state. Most of my friends will just betray me after they got nothing to get from me. Even there were a few who was truly a good and sincere friends but I was hurt deeply by those who betrayed me. It was hard for me to believe in people anymore. This was also an obstacle that I have to pass through. Some friends will just disappears and do not appear or contact me after we went into a new phase of life~intermediate of schooling and working. It is hard to believe why they do this but maybe there is a reason. Anyway, I can't accept the way they act. Shunning away from friends was not something that noble.

Right now, I was really scare to lost my sincere friends. They are like my life sustaining pills. They support and encourage me a lot. They also cares a lot about me. This acts prove one thing right~Friends are forever. Without the help of these good friends, i will not be able to found my jobs, get new information and etc. They are really kind and willing to ease my burden as I also repaying them by lighten their troubles. Simple but useful counseling was what I usually use to repay them. I will lent my ears to everything that they wantto let me know even if it's crap.

As I listen to the song "Without You", all this kind of thought will becoming more vividly. It will just flashing in my mind. As in the lyric, " can't live, I can't live without you", fellow friends, I really can't live without you.

I bet some of you will wonder why suddenly the topic changes to friends...? This is due to the feeling of emptiness and the hope of souring high iof the songs. Suddenly, all my minds was filled with friends. Itis a bit blue but I think this was my actual appearance. Wearing a mask and facing the publics and friends was really tiring. Even when I was sad and furious, I will try to smile and hide away the emotion. Then casting the emotion residue was the toughest thing. Need some times to cast away competely or else when it burst, I will be a very scary person. Those who known me well should be aware that I always kept my feeling away. This make me sick but there was nothing I can do to. I still have to face the world. Pulling down my face will only scare the person around me away. By then, I will be back tomy lonely and dull life. Life which was meaningless andboring. Keep on moving will only prove that I was still alive. Nonody ican imagine how blue I can be. The kind of depression and loneliness was just a fog for me now. I have no real form anymore. No longer a real human but a particle that stay in the spaces of the earth.

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