Monday, December 31, 2007

Northern gang party!!!

Just on the new year eve, the whole company of Northern Group has proceed to Red-Box for a celebration. There are around nine of us who was so crazy and berserk to sing till the dawn. We sang a lots of songs especially the song of Jay Chou (lol...of course not me). It was a crazy and memorable night. It was the first time that I stayed in Jusco Mall until dawn. If calculated together with working time, I was there for more than 18 hours. We drank a lot. Jenny alone has drank around a jug. I was shock when I found out that she was actually a heavy drinker and smoker which was so incompatible with her image. I just drank one third the jug as there were more than one heavy drinker.

I know this was a very bad habit as drinking alone was lethal to body but hangover till late night was also harmful to body. Most of my colleague were a drinker cum a smoker. This was so lethally harmful to their body. I don't know why they wanted to do so but I think this all was due to the working pressure. Servicing was a tough and pressurize jobs. We have to smile when customers were scolding and pretend to be very fond of the customers' stories and life. This is what people said to be wearing a mask when facing people. Hiding away all our feeling and act to bring out the other feeling that we don't want to reveal at that particular moment.

As on the thirtieth, there was a few customers who just come and scold us for nothing. They demand for better stuff but they only purchase low price items which has lower qualities. As for us, what we can do was to smile when they scold and tried to comfort their feeling. All this was weird and I felt like we was like pretend to be strong and brave but what can we do??? Stand there and wait for them to close their mouth and do a better explanation. Luckily, there were only a few of them who demanding much on us or else every workers there will just run away. There were also some customers who were very kind to us. They will try to understand us and will not demand for the stuff they bought. They will not care about the looks of the stuff they bought but they look into the function of their purchased stuff.

All kind of customers we encountered. There was a guy who was choosing a new year present to his wife who left us a very deep impression. He wanted to buy a sunglasses to his wife but chose for a very long time. Then after he purchase, he even wanted us to wrap the glasses for him instead of asking the memorial shop upstairs to wrap for him. In fact, the present wrapping was hideous but he doesn't mind about it. I can see that he was in hurry. Hope that his wife will not look at the wrapping part. Me and my colleague was so envy of his wife as she was so fortunate to have such a great and wonderful husband.

Back to the party, one of my colleague was actually fell into trouble that day as both of his girlfriend met each other and they were having a hard time interrogating for the answer of the guy. In the end, the one who has been with him for the longer period won(the actual result still unknown). Pity on the other colleague who was very close to that guy. She was so scare that that guy's girlfriends will smack on her face when she step out of the store as he was very good to her. According to her, he make a lies to his girlfriends that she has already married and have a child which was actually reverse in reality. Actually this was a way to protect her from hurt as he has too many girlfriends.

Everyone there were so fortunate and blissful as they already has their other half. As for me, I will try to get a girl who can synchronize with me soon. Hehe~~

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