Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Yeah... It's a new year today. Happy New Year to everyone in the world. compare with the previous year, the new year celebration this year was not as crowd as the past. No much people has extra time for the countdown party. School will be starting soon and there were many people who still have to work on new year time. There were no more shopping crowd and no more splurging around. The people now was more cautious when come to spending. Oil price will raise soon and this will activate the chain reaction of the world merchandising items. All the items in the world will eventually increase in price but wage remain unchanged. That is why people nowadays was so cautious and will plan on the purchasing on the needs. Everybody seem to be busy today. Less greeting from friends but comes more greeting from best friends.

Haiz... Soon, I will be in the twentieth. Getting older and weaker but so what??? I am still young. Still a energetic young guy who will only sleep for just 5 hours a day and spend more time on my jobs. I felt contend to get that jobs as I can meet with various kind of people and get known with new friends. I even get in touch with my long lost friends. All these was a gift to me. I was scare to be lonely and be left alone. So this has help me to curb that problem. Fortunate, I can finally live the life that I wanted to live in the future where this was only a minor parts of my future life. I'll treat this experience as a foundation for a better future.

As it's the new year, I hope that all my dreams will come alive. I also hope that my luck will increase and make me a better man. My health will be better and my life will be full of surprise.This all might happen. Who knows what will be happening to me the next second??? Maybe I will become a millionaire or I will get married... It's hard to say but I will life the best for tomorrow. Hope the world will be peaceful again soon, the earth condition will get better and hope there will be no destruction of earth...

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