Sunday, August 24, 2008

Walking Fanatic (Part 1)

Yesterday (23 August 2008) was a very memorable day. We have done a lot of idiotic things. Before that, let start with the beginning of the day. In the morning, I woke up quite late and almost missed my bus. The class started at 8:00am but I was only be able to get into bus at 7:55am. It was hectic as I knew I was going to be late. The moment I reach there, I saw my lecturer--> Mr. Zainudin. He was there waiting for the the locked door being open. So this means I am not late...Haha...Due to urgent schedule, he conduct the lecture with full speed and made some announcement. In less than 2 hours time, he has already finish 2 Chapter full. Then before he went out, we were struck by his sudden assignment. OMG, we have two paper for presentation. We were also told to attend the Merdeka Run at DG on next Saturday time 6:30AM...Yes it is 6:30am...We have to go for the run as it is one of the ways for us to celebrate our National Day. If not mistaken we will be running for 10km long which might take me around an hour to finish the journey. For the assignment he gave, we were told to get ready and present on the next class but I doubt to be present on that day as I will be having my mid-sem exam at the same time. Skipping away as soon as possible after the lecturer went out for his next meeting. Together with some of my group mates, we WALK back to our college and rest. The moment I return to my room, I was thinking of what I should do and finally, I did do something beneficial as I washed all my cloth and make appointment with all of my group member for the MALACCA landscape building. Actually, I have no idea of what to do and where to start. I'm CLUELESS...Completely clueless...

This project was one of the main lead in the Exhibition unit and also to the Lantern Festival Fair. If we don't do well, then surely the fair will not be perfect as there are some perfecto leaders guiding us. So this has pressurize my days. Damn...after I hang on my cloth and went to FKEJ to on-line, the rain started to fall. My pity cloth was already wet and getting wetter then. I can only look towards the open space from the inner side of FKEJ and hope the rain will stop soon but it last for at least an hour before I can at last get back to my room. While waiting for the meets in the evening, I actually fall asleep as I sleep quite late for the past fortnight. Forcing my tired body to it's very limit and I was quite exhausted. Sudden work comes here and now and I just have to done it before its deadline.

Supposing to be waiting for "Carbon" and set off after his seminar after 6:45pm but who knows that he didn't pick up any of our call. Then when I called the other " D-Block" only he told me that the Carbon is reaching soon. We have waited for quite some time plus we miss 3 bus in total before we finally get into the bus to Metro Kajang. From 6:45pm we have wait a total of 2 hours before we all finally get into the same bus. Actually, they were at our college bus-stand a moment before we get into the bus. So damn fucking that we actually waste a dollar getting into that damming bus as it stop at the Perhentian and we were forced to hail a cab to reach our destination. We were so happy when we reach our destination--> Pizza Hut as we were so hungry and tired after waiting for so long time. We reach there at about 10:15pm. So hungry and happy, we went in and order our food. Our effort finally paid off... Yeah...we order a lot and eat a lot too... As the shop is about to close, they kept all their seasoning which were suppose to be placed on the table for us. Calling the waitress to get us salt, pepper and refill our soft drinks time by time making them busier than ever.

After the fun, we are about to experience the worse, we waited at the bus-stand for an hour which then we found out that the bus seem to be not in service in midnight. As my intuition about the danger feeling getting stronger every moment, I suggest that we get away from taht spot and move to another spot where the McD is. After went in to relieve ourself, we started our JOURNEY.

Walking from the McD in Kajang Utama back to UKM was quite hilarious if being told but we did. Initially we went on the correct path and the darker the sky was, the scarier we felt. This was supposingly the most crazy acts for us to walk by the highways and laughing and taking photos all way back. We first went into a residential areas in Kajang Utama. We have walked for around the areas in circle and waste most of our energy there. As some of us are scared of dogs (including me :s ) we walk faster and faster as the dog barks. Actually it was quite fun and crazy as we actually suggest to WALK step by step back to our hostel.

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