Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Walking Fanatic (part 2)

We, might be the future biochemist, were really good in walking. We started to measure how long and how many step we had walked all along the duration. As the two of us, catalyst (D-block element) were having phones that equipped with fitness program, we were able to calculate estimate how many step we have taken and what is the distance. From my phone, it has records with 12.77km with total of 14179 steps. This is just the distance from one of the pillar in Kajang to KTM bus-stand. So the accurate distance and steps were still unknown. However, we had estimate that we walk for more than 17km with more than 20000 steps taken. The walking was really exhausted as we were like walking non-stop for a total of three and a half hour. That is from 12:00 midnight till 3:30a.m. After the walk, we really felt we were very good and having a strong will. This walk was really hard to imagine and this will surely become our permanent-memory instead of our short-term memory. From speculation, all of us will surely remember this event till the end of our life.

The fact why we were walking was because of me. After waiting for an hour for the bus back home but failed, I started to have some bad intuition which I still firmly belief till now. Sometimes, my intuition was really strong until it happened next after I sense it, but for that night, my intuition was like getting build up. The feeling was getting stronger and my body hairs were standing. The weather was not cold at all but this feeling kept streaming through my body and I started to felt nervous. Then I told the only lady in our group about my intuition and after a while, they all started to belief in my intuition and we walked to McDonald which is just on the row of the Pizza Hut that we were served with pizza and spaghetti and also soft-drinks.

Afterward, due to our safety concern, we started to walk a new path to the main route. By then, we were supposed to halt for a cab as we walk but there was no cab in vicinity. In the end, all of us were forced to walk. Initially, most of us don’t really like the idea of walking back as the distance was really “NEAR”. As the sky getting darker, we all have no other options than walking. So then, we started to walk on a route which I still have some resemblance to where my dad has brought me the on the first day of my varsity life. After walking for quite some while, I suddenly remember that my phone has the fitness function and ask the other catalyst to use his phone’s function too. So the step and distance taking start there.

Walking for some while and we were reaching the highways of Kajang. We plan to take the route below the highways but in the end, we were taking the other route instead. Walking into the residential areas and were having doubt about our decision but if this is the right choice then its fine. As we walk, there’s a feeling like we were moving in circle but not that strong. So we continue with the walk. While passing by a securities’ building with a white Kancil in front of the gate, we were talking about how good if the car was with us. Words can’t be said, as we walk pass it, the car start to move and stop by our side and ask ‘Boy, nak pergi mana? Nak saya hantarkan?', and since we still have doubt with the people, we refuse his offer. Based on common knowledge, there are people who are willing to offer help with genuine heart but there is also some who attempt to do some crime. After we refuse the offer, the journey continues. We walked to a path which is the end-route, and by the moment, we started to be having more doubt on our decision of taking that route. Still, we walked along the route.

There is something funny going on as we walk. Dogs are barking and after pacing in front of our group. Desperately, we followed the path the dog went. After reaching the corner of a house, the dog went into the house and suddenly it bring out another dog, which means there are two dogs leading the way. As always, we made the right decision as we finally saw a bigger route. On the route, tall buildings were seeable. As we knew which direction was leading to the correct paths, we took another route which eventually leads to a dead-end. Leaving no choice, we turn back the route the dogs went and reached the flats.

As we were like few missing sheep finding ways home, we ask a bunch of Indian guy and he ask where we are going and suggest his friend who also a taxi driver to sent us back home. Based on the time which is about 1:00am, he told us the fare is RM35. Then after some discussion we asked him again if he can send us back to both hostel and not which was far away from each other (Which are KKM and KPZ). He then told us ‘How about RM40?’After he told us the price, we felt so much like being “EATEN”. He actually tried to gain from the circumstances of us. Based on his attitude which against our belief, we ignore his offer. From that moment onwards, we were really determined to walk all the way back without seeking others helps.

However, as we are still in the maze where we are unfamiliar, we have to ask some people on how to walk the way out to the main route. After asked a Malay guy, we felt that Malays are so good and we were really very fortunate to found him....

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