Friday, December 19, 2008

W 910 i

I have just got myself a new phone. Guess what... It's Sony Ericsson W 910 i
Whoosh... I love this phone so much as it has a lot of function that make the phone handy. In addition, the shaking function is fabulous and make me felt more interesting to it. Even though it is not the latest model of SE phone but I still like it a lot and I am still be able to purchase with my economic condition. 

As I'm still a student, there is no income for me currently. 

Before I forget, here are some picture I took for my new phone.

Please share with me just anything regarding this phone. I appreciate all the reviews from YOU. Thank you.

p.s.: IF you like my blog, please feel free to link to me. I will try to update my blog as frequent as possible. 


hying23 said...

tis hp look like my hp duh..but my hp is smaller version~~~huhuhu~~~ tis is FAT~~wahaha

Benjamin said...'s wider not fat...
slimmer than yours for sure...Not mistaken it is a upgrade version of your phone but there are much more different if you have a real look...

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