Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The day.....

I will start with time 0:00 28th April 2009

This is the time where I really start to study for my cell biology. It was quite menacing as I actually be turned up and all of a sudden, I start to search for all the notes in the net. It was fast and I was blessed as the connection finally become so fast that I can done all my reading in a short period of time. Im very fortunate as lately, I have been experiencing my worst nightmare~ no internet connection or more precisely, there is connection but the connection speed is way too slow. Miraculously, I can get the maximum speed throughout the night. I was the best present for me as I have been feeding on millions of kJ of data per day. Back to the topic, I never know that I can study a whole book in a few hours. A whole semester of notes and past years review in 5 hours time? Yes... I got the speed to read and memorize all the info but my memory allocation is limited. I can obtain a mass amount of data in a flash but unable to digest all of it. I should be study from the beginning of the semester but not a few days before exam as this really make my life miserable.

During the 5 hours time, I have been storing all those massive data into my tiny little brain without realizing time flies. Out of a sudden, it was already 3 a.m. However I am still very sober and determine to finish all my readings before the exam in the morning. I have been thinking would I have the ability to finish with all my reading in such a limited time but in the end I have been reading the notes twice. This really feels wonderful and I started to recollecting back my shattered confidence. After the reading, Decade episode 13 have finally done with downloading and thus I turn on my video player and started to watch it. By the time, my roommate have already felt so drowsy and went to sleep. After watching the show, it was time for TITAS. Reading the book right from the beginning but in the end I fall asleep by around 6:30 a.m.

At 7:40 a.m. I woke up so shockingly and wake my roommate up as soon as I'm awake. He is also having exam at 8:30 a.m. I have no idea what I am thinking by that moment then but I was really acting so slowly like there was nothing. Maybe is due to that of Foo Kit. He will be fetching us to to the examination hall so I do not felt worried on how I am going to exam as I am late. Prior to reach D. Gemilang, I am turning my notes again to make sure that I can be able to memorize a portion at least of the stuff I memorize before I fall asleep. I can felt that IU was charged and able to feel the tension surrounding me while I am feeling so so calm. I have also fully utilized the 2 and half hours. Has been long since I last fully utilize the whole exam time for the exam. After the exam, we went to KTHO and have lunch.

After the lunch, I only have not more than 3 hours for my TITAS revision so I have no choice to stick with all those crappy past years but in the end... speechless indeed. There are only 6 past years question which came out in the exam which is so much differ from the semester in the past. Although is different and I have not even finish reading the book, I came out from the hall in 45 minutes time as I know no matter how long I stay in there I would still unable to do all question well. Damn it... So hope to score in this subject but this is really a hope crash for me. Never the less, I still felt quite happy and free as I finally freed of myself with all these boring and extremely heavy subject.

Back to college, I went for the meal from my college's headmaster. He's officially a Professor now. There are so many meal there and my favorite would surely goes to the spaghetti and mutton of course. As heard, the spaghetti was specially made by his wife. I love the paste so much as the paste is so thick and it was filed with mushroom and the aroma of cheese. It really taste heavenly. Secondly, the mutton. I only ate a few of it as I was experiencing some digestive problems lately. Thats all for the day. It was hectic but this is my life. I can never change my fate of being so pack in term of time. Overall till now, I have only slept for an hour. Hope this will not toll down my body.

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