Friday, April 03, 2009

What a day...

Something strange has happened in my room. My room has now been equipped with the world most terrible voice ever. The noise was so loud that even can be heard from the toilet. I have no idea what to say as it was really terrible and I have to bear with it till the morning. Right now, I started to train myself with half meditation and hopefully it can help me ease some of this suffering. Life is hard but would not be as hard as this if this has not happened. My sleeping night has been forsaken as this will surely make my dreams terrible. It had been some time since I last having bad dreams and hell no for me to having nightmare again now. All my assignment and other important stuff need to be done and just hope that I can have a better surrounding to study. In this kind of condition, I could not even have the mood to study and believe me if I can't stay calm, my mind would surely gone berserk.

I have not notice it until my roommate told me that the noise has become more and more noisy. Hell that celling fan... Why choose now? Why do you wanted to fall sick at this final moment? Can't you be sensible a bit? I do really have no idea why you like to play pranks on us? Today is no longer April fools and the jokes should be cease.

In order to make the terrible music stop, we have go to get oils from the Mamak stall as we couldn't find any lubricant oils. Due to this, the room was covered with newspaper as if we tried to paint the room. After pouring the oil to the fans, we switch on the fan and went out. For god sake, it did work but only last for 3 seconds. The oil sprinkled all around the room but there are still some residual left on the fan and it will sprinkled out as time goes by. So, we had done a fruitless job. All we got back was just sweats and stinks.

So, hell Zaba... I want air conditioner as celling fan is HELL F**KING NOISY. Will this come true?

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