Thursday, June 25, 2009

Trip trop trap!!! 3

The lunch is a mess for us as we were actually eating the food while squatting and is awfully hard to eat the food as there was no spoon at all. I ate with bare hands while the others having it with polystyrene foam. As the food were already in the foam for more than an hour, I am quite scare with the styrene transferring rate. After the meal, we went back to the bus and head on to Malacca. With a stomach full of foods and styrene, we were getting ready for the free activities in Malacca. Estimate reaching by around 3.30 p.m. and we were all planing the route for our activities in the bus. Whilst upon reaching, we went to the shopping centre while some of them went to A' Famosa to have a historical trace view. While for me, this is kinda boring as I have been there several time and it has lost interest in me. Walking around the shopping centre with a calm mind and we went to a Japanese goods outlet in Pahlawan if not mistaken. After buy some memento for myself, we went for a meal with the girls in Newton Foodcourt.

After the meal, which was at around 7.oo p.m. we cancelled the plan to the Jonker Street and went ahead to Menara Taming Sari. This is my second time to ride on the tower but the view were still as beautiful as ever. Sadly, my handphone does not have good picturing function and most of the pics I took were quite blur. However, we still took some picture with my friend's phone as her camera's battery flatted. Not long later, its time to set back to UKM. Everyone were asleep as we were so sleepy as we set off at 5 a.m. and only be able to rest by 9 p.m. There should be no exception except for the bus driver that fall asleep so soundly even the sound of engine were unheard. As we reach UKM at around 11 p.m., most of us felt that we were having sleep deprive. This deprivation makes us felt so tiring and sleepy. Back to the room and prepare for a bath to cool down our body along with all the dirts and germs. It was a good night sleep for us then.

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