Thursday, August 27, 2009

Trip Trop Trap!!! 4

After the trip to Malacca, I am next going to Terengganu for another trip. This time is a 4 days 3 nights trip. Due to this trip, I have to return to my own college earlier to settle what undone as there are just too much for me to handle but then thanks for all my friends who help me to settle it. Firstly, thanks for the transport. As I got a lot of stuff that have to shift to my another new "home", he does help me a lot. However, I have to move in to a temporary room for the mean time as my room was still being occupied by the 3rd semester student. Staying in the room as if it is a hotel room. Stay for a night and be ready for the trip. Leaving UKM in the night time and reach Besut camp, Terengganu at about 8:30 a.m. Gosh.... Sitting in the bus for almost 12 hours and I really don't feel easy with my body.

I should be in Damai camp but as we ate our breakfast there, we were staying in Besut camp until 12 noon. As for the programmes, I will have to skip as there are just too many comments on it but what I love in the programmes is my reside room and the location of the camp which is just by the side of the beach. The beach was really beautiful and attractive and it has been a long time since I last went to beach.

On the night before we went back, everybody were getting ready with food as we are going to climb the mountain in the dark. Grasping to the nylon rope alone, we have to make ways to the exit. Even when the journey was just about 2 km, but it seem forever to venture along. Climbing, crossing branches, sliding, bumping etc. Took nearly an hour to finish the venture. As we reach the exit, they divide us back to our own camps and we were all laying on the very road. Damn the cars which passing by, we were forced to stand up and give ways for the cars to pass as though they were the facilitators. Anyway, I quite fond of the stars in the sky. Look so bright and I would have no chances to see it in UKM or my home.

Then we were off to the beach and rest there. Sleeping on the cold beach with freezing breeze was just too comfortable. Luckily on that night, I can still saw meteors.

At around 6 in the morning, strugglingly, we have to wake up and make ways for the muslim to have their prayers. After the prayers, we walk for a great distances to fish breeding site (actually is the back of the mountain we climb a few hours ago). Having our breakfast there was quite unpleasant as it was smelly and dirty. Moreover, there is no toilet around there. Forcing our very head to knock on the door of the only house there to use the toilet but the house owner was quite nice.

While waiting for our turn to cross the river (still there), my group start playing games to pass time. Playing so many games and it was fun... Beside games, we also having quiz and chatting. Haha, my group was just too crazy and noisy but I like the feeling. Getting known of them who will also helps in organizes the orientation is great. After crossing the river, the soaked us were mostly washing our shoes in the salty water. Clothes dries so quickly as by the time we cross over, it was already noon.

Gather for the last time and we are ready to return to UKM. Taking lunch and bath for the last time there. Luckily, for us, Damai campers, we stay in a room of 4 or 5 and there is a bathroom for every room. What different is that, our rooms were air-conditioned.

Set off by 3:30 p.m. and went to have the famous Keropok Lekur. After that, I sleep like a log in the bus until dinner time. My friends went to a small walk as I sleep but I have no idea too...
After the dinner, the bus moves again. Sleeping for another round on the seat and this is just too nice of me. Most of my friends don't even have the chances to sleep but I do. The journey ends when the bus reach my college at around 4 in the morning.


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