Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Today, I have another dream. It is a very short and scaring dream.

This dream is about a meet with my friend at a cafe. I have no idea who he/she is anymore but there is something going on there. While we were having our tea and chatting session, there is a annoying quarrel going on. As I am at the roadside of the cafe, I watch how they quarrel. This is between two man, a young lad and a older uncle. The young lad is skinny and quite fair while the uncle was just like a drunken look. The moment we are going to leave, it transform into a fight. I can heard something regarding money and the both of them seem to have some relation. The young lad has been shouting "Don't you ever belittle me! Who do you think you are?". Just as he finish his words, the uncle has just hold on a bottle as so the young lad hold on. Both smashes the bottles and the fight became more fierce. Then the young lad shout "TMD!" and wanted to poke the bottle into the uncle's stomach but he was too late. He was bleeding in his stomach and fell down. He was bleeding so rapidly that he doesn't even move then.

So suddenly I was walking pass the uncle and wanted to see how the young lad is and I was stabbed by the same bottle. OMG! I can feel the pain. The pain is unbearable that I fell down to the ground after standing for around 3 seconds. I was drastically painful and I was shocked to wake. When I woke up, the pain is still there. I can felt exactly where is the stabbing site on my belly and the pain lasted for about a minute. I can felt that the pain is there and only by the side of the round "wound". If not mistaken it should be cramping that makes me felt so painful but would cramping form in circular and only a small part? I could have sleep longer if I doesn't have this kind of dream. Waking up at 4.30 a.m. and have to prepare my mind for the quiz later that force me to stay with half conscious mind.

Will the dream comes with a meaning? Or it is just another of my premonition dreams? Perhaps I have been torturing myself mentally that this resurfaced. Hope the later will not come true for me.

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