Monday, October 05, 2009

Finally of PT 30

Pesta Tanglung UKM aka National University of Malaysia's Lantern Festival has finally come to finally. After few month of preparation and launching, all the hard works is worthwhile. Seeing all my friends who joined whether as a committee members or as the stage performers fight so hard for the best performances last night as a winding story, for me is enough. Although I didn't join PT this year as an exco (my ex daddy wanted me to go for the interviews for exco), the feeling of Lantern festival is still the same but the situation is different. I am able to get a full view on another perspective and once again get to feel the sensation of being a free man.

The major events end by the stage performances and this year is on musical. Unlike the pass which performed on a story with sad and touching story lines this years the performers are performing in a musical seemable story. Although is a musicals, but only a few songs were sung by the actors. From the songs they sung, the feeling of the scripts seem to be alive and reachable. There is a part where "Ray" who was a doctors and son to a very successful man dies, most of my friends say that they did cried but this is a different story for me. Went to toilet for so many times that I does not have the mood to fully enjoy the show anymore as some parts of the story were not seen by me.

Lastly, this is a great show and Yi Shiun just performed all his skill. He acts, sungs, dances, and even play his harmonica once again on a big stage. To all my friends who acts and dances in the show~ Jin Yang aka Uncle Ben, Joanne~ dancers, Eng Ghee~dancers, Jayce~dancers, and more... thanks for your participation in the show... This make the show so interesting just trying to spot and awaiting for your turn to performs...

To all Excos ( Yuan Han, Jin Ni, Yet Loon, Cai Ni, Edison, Hui Nian, Seow Voon, Kar Yee~ more familiar with) and ex-Excos (all my daddy, mummy, ah gong, ah ma, great gramps) good job and thanks for your hardwork for this splendid events.


babyrexa89 said...

i also enjoyed d performance eventhough got technically problem. heh. but i din finish to c d end show, my fren got to go home early. huhu~but sure great perfomance!!.. thumbs up!~

Benjamin said...

ya... still I prefer the show of last year as it was more touching and I almost cried.. hahah
this time is all about fiction and unrealizable dreams(might come true) but overall nice also

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