Monday, October 05, 2009

Migraine experience...

Yesterday, I was attacked by serious migraine again. This time, it makes me felt so sick and pain. I can hardly find any energy to sit or walk but lie down on my bed for a very long time. While lie on my bed, I have been cursing myself again and again for not doing my practical log book and study for the upcoming paper. Damn... I can't even stay focus while my limbs were like paralyze. Coughing, flu is surrounding me like I am their vengeance foes.

After several hours of sleep, I can felt that my condition is improving till I went for my dinner. The journey to cafe is really suffering as my eyes hurts that it connected to my head and triggered the effect of more serious migraine. Fortunately, I can be able to sustain the effect of it. Migraine can really affects one diet. I have no idea what to eat even though I am really hungry. Ate a bowl of instance noodle there and quickly went back to my room. The pain still there but is not that severe anymore. Chatting with my floor mate for a short while and I start taking out all the books needed for the reports and try to do. Just, the moment I wanted to start writing, I am shrinking again. That moment, I think I need some help. Switched on the musics of Secret Gardens and after a while, unrealizable!!! My migraine was like stop and I have the strength to do my work again.

After several hours, a bee come by my room. That bee supposed to be hit by the celling fan and drop on my log book. It actually stung on my book and I watch how its intestine were pulled out. Immediately, I thought of that my friends were collecting insects for their course's projects. So, that poor bee which was bout to die were captured and pass to my friend. Then, my head is cracking again but at a site only. This point site doesn't affect me much and I can still be able to rest my body.

So, thanks Buddha, Allah, Jesus, God~ for letting me live for another day. I really appreciate today as I just live pass my head cracking experiences. However, the pain still continues will now but I don't think it will affect me further. Hopefully, I will not get another attack on tomorrow as I will be going to sit for another of my mid semester exam.

~~ To all my friends~~~> Good Luck for the exam tomorrow!!! Let the Godness of Luck stay with us till the end of our life.

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