Thursday, October 08, 2009

Migraine GONE!!!

Finally my migraine is gone for this moment...
Really glad that it has gone or else I will be going to suffer for the rest of the days. However, due to my laziness, all my plans were stalled and stalled till no further notice. Kinda hate myself for that as I can't even help myself to fell asleep. Please wake up Benjamin~ Final is just around the corner and still slacking around. Do you wish to feel that feeling of heart shattering again? Please la... Think again for your future and not enjoying your carefree life anymore. There is no carefree life in UKM and now there isn't anymore.

As the ranking of UKM has dropped by 41 to 291, we as students in UKM would have to struggle more harder to survive as the senat will try all their best to make us better and up UKM grades next year so will be ranked into top 200.

So Benjamin~ is time to fight for it... Your future depends on it too!!!

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