Friday, January 15, 2010

New Year countdown 2010 part 3 (end)

Then I went out again to Midvalley. This time with Joanne and Yoke Shan. We went there for a movie~ Did You Hear About the Morgans ? Its not bad though... We watch the movie with two of Yoke Shan and Joanne's friends.

Then we went and take photos again. This time, I took the least!!! haha

After the shop and cam-whoring, we went to STARBUCKS again. This time is where Yoke Shan works. Something crazy actually happened there... and I will not mention here... lol...

We chit chat till around 1 in the morning before setting off to UKM. Thanks Yoke Shan for driving us back.

That's all for my new year celebration.

p/s: A short summarize version of what happened that day. Most of what did is not shown here.

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|Shan| said...

-.- HAHAHAH!!! I know what happened on that day..................... LOL... well, it was just a crazy part of me hope that I didn't scare you huh :) If not.. how do you remember a friend like me? LOL.. :)

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