Monday, March 01, 2010

le premier mars

Today is the 16th day of Lunar New Year. Which means the celebration has end and I am forced to returned to my normal life again. However, this new year is the hottest new year I has ever seen. During this Chinese New Year, I rarely has chances to go out and have fun. As most of friends was not in JB by then. Its kinda sad but still, in the end, we managed to meet. Initially only left four of us but then Wei Yeong, Zheng Yang and Shang Ian arrived. That night was really fun but it would be better if all of us can be together by then. Hopefully by the end of the year, we all can gather together.

Waking up from my bed sweating all over my body is really making me felt terrible. Normally I would just lay on my bed and play on my laptop but this time is different. I try my best to sober up and went to wash up and have a cold water bath. I really can't stand the temperature here. If you guys notice my status in Twitter, I really hope for it. The entire night, I couldn't even sleep well as I woke up several time to take off my cloth and remove my blanket. I have no idea this still will go on for how long but its enough off me...

My schedule is going to be more and more pack for what I join.

Any chance, friends in UKM, who wanna join Pesta Konvo must contact me yea...

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