Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dreaming Talk

Ever felt yourself falling into a basilisk hole and no matter how you struggle, you just couldn't save yourself? If then you are actually dreaming and is akin like falling into dreamland in a similar ways that Alice does in the play " Alice in Wonderland". 

What is dream? Dream is a succession of thoughts, images, sounds or emotions which the mind experiences during one sleep. Usually when you sleep, your brain still working and thus having dreams. However, there are peoples who rarely dreams. According to research done, they does have dreams but just do not remember what is the content of their dreams. As for me, I really don't remember that I have a dreamy night. As soon as I fall deep asleep, what I will notice next is the brightness of the room and from the window (meaning awaken). Maybe is true that I am having dreams but I have no idea about it. There are phases in dreams and there are also durations for a dream. Based on an article I read, duration for a dream is approximately 45 minutes and this is all happens during deep sleep. 

Actually why am I writing all these? 

Today, I just finish watching Ugly Betty. In one of the episode, the storyline was on Betty's dream vs reality. Old folks said before that a dream is opposite when compare to the reality. While in the story, it is indeed the opposite of the reality. Betty was beauty and having braces and specs. She was trendy but her beautiful sister is now an ugly woman. These is something that I like in this episode~ "When you have not been bullied, mocked or laughed by others, you will never have endurances and broader mind. What you will do is being the one who mock on others, scheming and hated by everyone". This is quite educating and has opened my eyes that I had actually endure so much in my life and this has done an enormous amount of changes in my life but still, I couldn't change the fact that I have terrible mood-swing and prone towards self-infliction (inner but physical).

In fact, if not mistaken, I heard that "what ugly person can do is birth control". What? Birth control? Yes, this is true as most of the Caucasians were having premarital intercourses and is very common among teens nowadays. What the word meant is a self defensive ways and is also an alternative pathway to mock on uglies.  

After in the finale, Betty was offered a job in London and she was in dilemma. At first, she was offered to be an editor for fashion column. Mr. Dunne was amazed by her skills and knowledges for fashion and gave her opportunity. Then she rejected as she is not really interested in fashion. A mo-bot who works in Fashion Publications that do not really enthusiasm in fashion? She is more interested in another field. Then after some days, Mr. Dunne went to "Mode" and offers her a chance to help him with his new magazine which is the younger version of New Yorkers in London. That is her dream and she was struggling for some while before agreed on it. Her spirit is what we should all learn. The braveness and well prepared for everything. 

Well, thats all for today. For the moment, I need to refocus myself in notes, notes and notes! Ugh... This is what happens during exam weeks. 

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