Friday, July 09, 2010


Recently, I'm getting more and more emotional and I have no idea why am I acting so. A new semester is starting soon and at the same time, my meal time is totally run havoc. This has let me felt the worst feeling again. The sensation of gastritis is terrible and I got no ways to overcome it. In addition, due to the recent changes in weather, my body condition is getting bad and might be the cause of my mood swing again.

During this whole week, my emotional is getting more and more unstable by days and I started to be late in everything as I have already disappointed with the act from others who were always late and I HATE WAITING. Have been waiting for peoples since I was small. Grew up in a family that instill the principle of punctuality strictly and now I am very tired of waiting of peoples. Can I just let people wait for me instead of the other way round? I am freaking sick of waiting anymore. Better off, when timed and nobody appear, I just walk off.

During this whole week, I started to feel weak. Yesterday, I nearly dozed off while driving and this ain't first time anymore. I should rejuvenate myself to get back my at least healthy body.

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