Monday, November 29, 2010


Recently, I have been dream of death and heard of death.
This is a tragic and I don't know my heart can still take it anymore~
Please, what I dream of doesn't come true and peoples around me still stay kicking alive~
Goodbye seems to be the hardest word.
And I do not wish to say goodbye yet~
No matter your my friends or relative or maybe myself, living means everything and is meaningful~
The sorority of death can only be felt by those who are still living~

If you have the thought of suicidal, please stop your thought for the sake of your dearest~
We are blessed with the given body, not to be trampled but to be care about.

Once, LOVE doesn't exist in this world but what true is the form of love is formless and we can't see it with our naked eyes. The form can only be felt by heart. Nevertheless. I still couldn't felt the love by others but my parents. I can felt the way they love me and care for me. However, other than them, nobody else~

Anyhow, the real meaning here is "your life is at your own hand, but your lost will be your dearest pain".

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