Sunday, December 26, 2010


I'm having bad dream again. Last few night, I was sleeping kinda late and was actually forcing my will to bed. I started to have bad dream about my car.

It is night and I park my car somewhere in an open parking lot situated in known hypermarket. Have no idea why I park my car at such isolated place and in fact its the corner. After went into the hypermarket for a shopping spree, I went back. Well, its not actually a shopping spree as I did not buy anything as usual. Returned to my car and found the door of the front passenger sit was opened. When I get near enough, my radio and everything valuable has gone. My brake locker was placed on my wiper and all this just getting so weird.

First, I locked everything and the brake locker shouldn't be taken out as there is no trace of being cut.
Second, there is no sign of forced open on my door. This explain that my car is not lock. But only that door was wide open.
Third, if they remove everything, why don't they just drove my car away since. 

Still couldn't believe that my stuff were stolen.

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