Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas '10

As usual, Christmas day was a boring day for me. Look into the screen and get into Norad. I'm tracking Santa over Google Earth. Just that I'm quite sad as the stop in Malaysia only situated in Ipoh and not Bangi or JB. Then in the evening, Kheng Siang gather us for a meal in KUO cafe. I who rarely ate in there suggest to go out for a meal and puff~ we went to Kajang with the same gang as eve's. We went to that shop again for a simple meal. Ordered 4 dishes which were tofu, porky, chicken and baby kailan. The shop was crowded with peoples as it was holiday. Luckily we still got ourself a table. Imagine having just 2 chefs in that shop and it was full house, the serving speed was greatly halved. Ate till 8pm and we off to Balakong for a stroll. 

Bee Sian finally got herself a cup and the rest of us bought nothing. Have to thanks Phek Joo for the cheesecake. After that, we went back and start to have our chatting session again. When it was around 1am, Phek Joo wanted to go back but was stalled by me. Then after a short while, we stared at each other and started to laugh crazily. I almost couldn't breath for that 5 mins of laughing and they seem to be infected by me and laugh too. Again, we had our conversation end around 2am.

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