Sunday, December 26, 2010

Simple Christmas countdown session

My Christmas's eve is somehow different from last year. Last year, I was having crazy countdown session with friends in the city center. However this year, is much more simple.

In the morning, I went for a movie with Kheng Siang. As he bought the ticket through e-payment, there is no rush for us to reach 45 minutes earlier to collect our ticket. Reaching there around 12.45noon and we still have time for some photo shooting moment as the show starts at 1.30pm. We watched Tron and just in 2D. The movie was not bad but Kheng Siang complains he couldn't understand it. Well, I do understand it much better than him as I played the game before :-P

After the movie, Bee Sian and his friend, Sheng Wen arrived to meet up with us. After photo session and shopping session in Megamall, we set off to another destination. We went to Seri Kembangan for steamboat. Reaching there around 6pm and our fiesta last for about 3 hours. During the course, we take turns to stroll around the area to ease our bloating stomach. Ever since that session, Bee Sian got herself a new nick~ Queen of Crab as she ate 2 crabs just by herself. Actually, none of us actually ate all the seafoods that Bee Sian took and she was forced to engulf everything by herself.

We went back with heavy stomach and smelly shirts. Reaching the stand in UKM and I drove us to Tesco for a walk. Initially we wanted to get some coolant but unfortunately it was out of reach at the moment. So I bought a can of malt drink, Kheng Siang get himself a can of 100 plus. While Bee Sian bought 2 cans of Anglia Shandy for Phek Joo and herself and finally Sheng Wen got himself a can of Heineken. back to college, we went to rocky table near the female block and start to chat and drink. I never realize this chat could last for more than 2 hours and we was changing so many topics. With a simple countdown and greeting session, we officially moved on into Christmas. 

Christmas celebration this year was somehow simple but meaningful. Would I have a chance to celebrate next year? Love to meet with new friends all around and I got more friends each celebration event

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