Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kim Pui's Birthday celebation

Today is Kim Pui's birthday (28 Dec). Her celebration is quite simple and funny. Initially only Lay How, Kheng Siang and me were able to attend and none other will. That FFK queen Ai Lee once again FFK us. We bought a cake and a cupcake for her  but the cupcake was ruined and disfigured as it was drop while in the car.

Reaching Za'ba residential college and we gather at the cafe. Only then, we started to contact whoever that are able to come down and celebrate Kim Pui's birthday. Luckily in the end, there are total 9 peoples not including the birthday girl. We start by giving her the cupcake (we hid away the real cake) and sang very very weird birthday song. She ask us to sing a cute version, stern version, serious version and so on and the we were having a weird time though.

Sine was very good in digging some topic to chat with her as the clock haven't struck 12am yet. Then she was surprise with the larger cake as she didn't even realize we bought her another cake. Can feel that she was touched and again we sang the song weirdly. LOL

It was a rough plan but still the message that we wanted to convey was able to pass to her.

What I got for her birthday~ A lighter :P
KS~ used >RM5 for contacting and organizing

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