Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cheong K........ AGAIN~ :p

Yesterday, I went to IOI Mall again. This time, I went there for karaoke session together with Michelle, Kim Pui, Phek Joo and Kheng Siang. Reaching there quite early and roams around shopping in Danso. At 11 a.m. we went to the receptionist and got our room. Got room 5 but we're in risk to sing for only 2 hours due to walk-in singing. However, in the end we sang for roughly 4 hours with buffet lunch and free a jug of soft drinks with only RM14.85 for accurate. We even sang both the longest songs by Leo Ku.

In this session, we sang a vast variety of songs that including rap, soul, techno, R&B, pop, etc. It was fun and we even sang Chinese New Year's Songs as the festive season is just around the corner. After the singing session, we went to shop around and every single one of them bought something. I am the only 1 that left standing without buying anything as nothing caught my eyes with glimpse. After hours of shopping. I gave up! I don't felt like buying anything anymore!

So after that, I decided to buy a Titanium Bracelet for myself as decoration and hoping to felt its effect on me. While after, we went to Bandar Putri for dinner. Found an isolated shop and it seem quite empty. Went in and had our dinner. Overall, I think that shop doesn't really suit us in term of delicacy and portion with contrast with its price. Kinda regret over choosing that shop so prudently.

Officially, that shop is now in my blacklist of NO DINE in!!! I will no longer went to that shop although it was "prize awarded" shop by Tourism Malaysia. Duh~ Thats my weekend. I am officially broke after the continuous outing for the past whole week.

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