Monday, January 24, 2011

My first Golfing experience~

On last Saturday, I finally had my first Golfing experience. Although I was just playing on Driving Range, it was indeed a very good experience.

Please note that if you wanna try golfing at Danau UKM, the price is now RM7 per 100 balls for students and maybe RM14 per 100 balls for non-student. The price including clubs.

The weather was nice and I actually had this planned well. Normally, what I plan would surely fail as nobody supporting me. Setting the time to 4.30 p.m., I went to fetch Michelle Tan, Jian Hong, Kheng Siang and Kim Pui. Reaching there hoping to get a space to park and we're lucky! Upon reaching, we went to the operation room and rented the balls. I was informed the price would be RM5 for 100 balls but it was raised to RM7 now.

We start playing the way we like until an uncle show himself to teach us the proper way to hold the club and the ways to make the golf fly. He was very kind and patient. Thanks to him, we were able to enjoy playing the games as a beginner. Pity Michelle doesn't master the skill yet and unable to make it to 50M.

Due to our posture, we sweat a lot in the beginning but after being taught, it was actually quite relaxing.

As usual, I had took some pictures while playing~
Jian Hong
Michelle Tan Bee Sian

Kim Pui

Kheng Siang

ME!!!  : )
After golfing session, we went to Sg. Chua for dinner. After dinner, we watched a basketball match (Girl Team). It was very "gan jiong" but splendid actions.

After the dinner, we went to jog at stadium. Walking for most of the time as we just ate. Initially Phek Joo joining us but in the end she don't felt like jogging anymore. It was a very fun and healthy Saturday for me. I am glad to be able to try these out with friends.

Last but not least~ here is the footage of Bee Sian's golf playing moment :P

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