Friday, January 14, 2011


Had been almost a week since my last update. Guess what, I had done all my wet labs. Should I be happy instead? No! This means I had no seniors to discuss anymore if I did not go up the hills to meet them. This has been a very peaceful and sorrowful week for me as well. Ever since returning from the Chocolate fair, I did not even had a proper meal. In fact, I did not even had a riced meal. What I had been eating all these while were breads and biscuits. Monday is the day to remember. Walk all the way to lab at CGAT at approximately 11.30 a.m. and I am on 3.9 mph average. Using around 27 minutes to reach there and I am almost out of breath. Did my last attempt on enzymatic digestion but it doesn't turns out well as I did not have enough plasmid for the whole process anymore. After the lab, I walked down as I am having lecture at 5 p.m.. Walk until half, my friends Amir reached and fetch me down. As I couldn't stand it anymore, I hop in and had a ride down. My class started at 5 p.m. and end nearly around 7 p.m.. I even had a small chatting with Dr. Hasidah and am glad she still remember the existent of me. As the next class starts at 8.15 p.m., we hop into Khar Keong's car and went to have a meal at Restaurant Ameer Ali. Upon reaching I only realize I got so many miss call and some of my friends asked me to have a meal together. Sorry folks, I really didn't notice as I am having dreadful migraine at that moment. So after the night lecture which end quarter pass 10 I rush back to had my bath and went to Za'ba Residential college to fetch my friends for another round. Went to McD to have a meal.

On Tuesday night, I tried to had my first proper meal in cafeteria and it turns out to be quite an unpleasant memories for me. I almost fainted while waiting for my food. This might be the sub-effect of my dietary habit. In the end, my noodles is so small and not tasty! Really waste my time and money as I need to wait for almost an hour before they dished out my order. Finally on Wednesday, I went to had my rice based dinner and I am very stuffy.

Heck~ I had been craping on foods since the beginning. LOL~

The same goes with my thesis writing. I finally found my mood in writing and editing my thesis and guess what, my block got no current in the MIDNIGHT! Damn those idiots who make the whole ranting event starts. I was forced to went to some other place to do my stuff as its hot and dark in the room. In addition, I need power supply for my laptop as my battery can't hold on longer. Been chatting in msn regarding the argument of motif and domain with Kai Sin until around 3 a.m.. OMGosh~ I never knew I can discuss this so such a long time but I still seem blur with the terms. Its somehow similar but different and nobody actually have actual answer on the discussion. Besides this, my block also suffering from blockage of water supply. Had been several times since this semester started. I am really speechless with this matter.

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