Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dinner and movies after Lecture

On  21/01/2011, I went to Bandar Putri for Steak Out and later movie at IOI mall.
The four of us, Khar Keong, Wei Ren, Jacky and me went there after biology molecule's lecture. Had a delicious dinner at Steak Out and went to IOI mall for movie. We watched Homecoming and I love the movie a lot. The flow of the story was smooth and bringing peoples to climax bit by bits. In fact, it was better than Great Day.

Anyhow, let pictures show you guys my dinner =)
Creamy Mushroom soup. Love the chewy mushroom!!!

My fav drink! Hot Chocolate <3

Pork Burger. (Super big portion)!!!!!

My dinner!!! "Home-style chicken chop"

P/s: Thank you Wei Ren and Khar Keong for fetching us around.

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