Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thursday Craze!

Thursday is a quite crazy day for me. Almost every Thursday I reach my room after midnight. Few days earlier, I joined the Math gang to KL for dinner. The trip consist of 9 peoples whose included See Yuan, Hui Zee, Choon Fong, Chai Peng, Suui Min, Kian Seng, Raymond, Kheng Siang and me. Chai Peng and Suui Min as driver and we actually reaches there earlier than what estimated.

Before we set off, See Yuan pass down a piece of paper to each and everyone of us for a game. The game need us to include clues on what we wanted and within the budget of RM15.

Here's my hint:
1) Around the world with sound
2) Can carry around (Small, Tiny)
ps: If remember correctly~ lol

I got the hints from Kheng Siang and I didn't realize it. He went all around with me searching for the present and I still ask his opinion on which cup nicer as the hint="beautiful cup". Quite funny actually and I choose a small cup for him. My hints was with Hui Zee and she actually did bought the correct present for me. Haha

We had dinner at around 8 p.m. in a Fusion restaurant. The foods there were nice but for me, the chicken was too dry. However, I still manage to finish it all up and its very heavy for my case. I haven't had such a big serving meal for the whole weeks and this serving of food seem to stretch my gastric bigger. After dinner, we went to have a walk at Bingtang Walk. Maybe thats where I walks all the times when I go along, I can recognize the features around. Snapping quite some number of pictures and we reach Pavilion. Went to the theater to have a look at the show time that fits us in. In the end, we were forced to split into two groups. The first group will go for "Great Day" while another went for "Faster". Here, we got some internal conflicts but thanks to See Yuan mature thought, the matter went off but she has to sacrifice herself.

The show starts an hour later and we went to have a walks. They then went to lounge to have a drink but only the four of them who drink. While the rest watching and chatting.

Now to the show, some peoples says the show "Great Day" is very touching and if better to prepare extra pack of tissues. However, it was just as I speculated. The show have no climates but just purely entertaining. The message is clear but not amplified enough to give huge impact to viewer.

Duh~ is too crappy here!

Basically I reach my room at around 3.30 a.m.. I am forced to walk down searching for water supply as my block has no water supply for days.Luckily I do not need to walk far to bath. A tiring day ended with refreshing bath and in addition to the cool weather (Raining at that moment), I am having quality sleep and woke up entirely around 11 a.m..

I would like to thanks everyone for giving me such a nice moment with ya. The friendship that just bloom will be as beautiful as flower and as endurable as cactus.

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