Thursday, January 20, 2011

My birthday!

18th January was my birthday and I started to reply all the wishes sent. This year, I numbered every single wishes that I received in Facebook. Up till yesterday, I got more than 300 wishes just in FB. Early in the morning, Mun Yee called me for bowling session and I agreed. A penny of your thought, I began to be suspicious of what going to happen next.

The four of us (Kheng Siang, Mun Yee, Xin Jie and Me) went to bowling session at Metro Point. As there's a package of RM10 for 4 games, we played 2 games each. Here's the result for the second game as it's too shameful to include the 1st set in :P

Try guessing which was my score and which were theirs?

Then we went to Lemon Restaurant for Lunch. The food there was quite nice and large serving. I ordered Scramble Chicken Tofu Rice for my lunch. Went in and sat down for a brief moment and the girls went out for cake (but I didn't thought of it) and I received a call from Johor Specialist Hospital and asked me whether I would like to have my internship there. I was overly joyed and thats my most special birthday present that I received. She even wishes me ^^.

After the meal, the cake was served. Guess what, it's my favorite chocolate cake!!! 

My Cake! Simply delicious~

After the small celebration, we went back as Kheng Siang got class to attend. I supposed to returned the thesis I borrowed but I didn't. That's the blurry me during this occasion. 

For dinner, I had a meal with Yin Fong, Hui Lee, Yi Qian and Jia Cheng. Setting off at 6.30pm to Kajang for the second time of the day. Had our dinner at Restaurant Seven Wonders Kitchen . Had our meal and then we finished off the cake as I couldn't finish it alone. BUT, the choco melted. The cake had melt down and slides. After the meal we went to Jusco Cheras Selatan for a stroll. Yin Fong bought 3 books while Yi Qian and me discussing over the resepi book on Chocolate Cakes. Then, we went for another round at McDonald. Over there, Jia Cheng show us all his pictures on his trips to Sipadan, Sabah. The underwater view was so attractive yet mysterious for us who doesn't went for the dive. He explained every single detail on his trips and the picture they took. Thus, we listened to Gan's experience over there for about 2 hours and never felt tiring before. XD

Thats how my birthday past through. Thanks to everyone who make my day! Love ya all =)

~Never to run after the time, Instead  run after your goal ~

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