Thursday, January 20, 2011

PAP dinner

On 19th January 2011, we finally went to PAP dinner. This is what we swore somewhere a year ago.We were lucky to have Kim Pui with us as she was able to get us a table as there was very limited seat available. Most of the seats were occupied by representative from each Chinese Society and also Sponsors.

Before the dinner, I went to swim with Jian Hong and Boon Hee at Danau. For about 1 1/2 hours, I was just soaking and playing with water. After swim, we rush back to bath and prepared for the dinner. Unfortunately, I need to walk all the way down to another block just to bath as my block had no water supply AGAIN!!! I walked to Dectar with Jian Hong and split to search for individual gangs. I was searching here and there and couldn't found any of them and I called. Got the ticket and went in. Just as we step on, we got held off by Chinese Orchestra. As they are all my friends, we bought 2 ticket each. The extra tickets are for Elynna and See Yuan.

My table is number 78 and together we got Jia Cheng, Yi Qian, Hui Lee, Yin Fong, Xin Jie, Kim Pui, Ai Lee, Lay How, Kheng Siang and me. Had some photo shooting session before the VIP arrived. As the show goes on, they served in the first dish of the day- Yee Shang. We all prepared and even covered our cup with a bowl just to prevent the food went into our drink.

Here's the picture of the menu and the dishes served.
Menu. Read from left to right.
Yee Shang =)

The food that we finished in the dark. 

Love the mushroom in the bottom of it.

Left untouched on the table as the Sand Master was playing and performing.

Love the taste of the herbs in it.

On average Fried rice?

Char siew bun.

The ice!!!
The show was just average as there were quite some error with the protocols. I really do love the performance by the Sand Master as he(?) can draw nice and attractive sand images. Just by watching the performance, we left the fish that served on the table until the next dish was served.

We also had no luck with the lucky draw! So sad!!!

There is one particular thing that I am not happy and instead was very angry. Both Kheng Siang and me wanted to scold those juniors next to us as they are REALLY RUDE and their behaviors were like @#$%^&*&^%!!! Normally for a considerate or even a normal person will know the etiquette of occupied your own space and leave space for others. But they are really very self-fish!!! A guy even put his blady hand laying on my chair and doesn't even move away but keeping moving his chairs backward until we need to cramp with my friends just to have a seat. WTH is going on with this STUPID F*****G FELLOW!!! Really ruined my mood for the day!

I really do have an urge to scold them badly but luckily they left early or else I couldn't imagine what would happens next.

Up next, we went to have more photo shooting session at Lobi Utama and went back.

~ More crazy actions after the dinner~ 
Stay tune!!! ^^

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