Thursday, March 31, 2011

The craze week

Finally I am back to my home but just for brief period. For the past few weeks, I had been living like a corpse. Sleep in the afternoon and doing works during midnight till morning. Sometimes, I even skipped most of the primary meals. Guess what, I finally got to taste the so-called famous cendol. It was a hot and stuffy Sunday afternoon, YL and me went to that stall to have a taste of it. However, cendol pulut had finished. We ordered cendol tapai and cendol biasa together with a bowl of laksa which was also introduced by most bloggers. It was quite delicious but too bad YL can't eat as she can't eat spicy. After that, we went to have another round of ice at iceroom. Crazy right? LOLZ

In fact, we (YL, Bsian and me) did too many crazy stuff this semester. Begin with jogging and end with zombie rampaging night market. In fact, we hardly even slept the night before going for singing and night market. I only slept for roughly half an hour. Together with Jian Hong, we did a wild and crazy day!

And now, I am enjoying my time at home. Brief but should be just fine for me~

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