Sunday, March 20, 2011

Disaster in Japan

Last Friday, Japan received a massive earthquakes and tsunami. However, the disaster never just stop just like this but it continues with malfunction of cooling system in one of the nuclear reactor and causing it to explode days after. The cascade explosion of nuclear reactor in Fukushima, Japan, has worsen the situation as the risk of radioactive exposure to the citizen there and countries nearby. Over the weeks, efforts had been put in to reduce the risk of full meltdown of the plant and spurring radioactive to the atmosphere.

Since this catastrophe, I had been reloading my page time to time hoping to hear good news from this devastating calamity. Never to realize I did learn a lot from this calamity as I clearly see the stand and the perspective of Japanese. Their pride and their thought is what that caught my attention.

"Never to depend on others over personal issues as outsiders can do nothing at all let alone giving adequate aids." 

Japan is the third largest economic country but disaster does happens. Based from the news, the loss incur reaching $20 billions from series of calamity which include earthquake with the magnitude of 9.0, tsunami and also nuclear plant that been destroyed by tsunami which will cause one of the worst nuclear disaster in the world. 

You have my salute and respect, Japan. A country with high disciplines and moral values with low crime rates. However, due to desperation, some individuals start looting recently. This is so much different from the situation in many countries as looting occur as fast as the catastrophe occur.

Hope Japanese will recover from this disaster and walk ahead with a better future. God bless~

p/s: We shouldn't be complaining on petite tiny problems such as water shortage or no electric currents for a days or less as this is just TOO TINY compared to what happening at the other side of the world.

Last word, my condolences to the victims that lose their life in this calamity and also my respect to those heroes who willing to sacrifice their life in order to ensure the safety of the next generation.

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