Sunday, April 10, 2011

Study/ Revision. Eating! Sleeping?

Had a crazy and unhealthy week. Been staying awake in the midnight to study. Actually, I slept more than what I study. I can never imagine how diligent people gets when approaching exam. Well, I did it even from the beginning of this semester. However, I had been getting more and more lazy. We went to Faculty of Social Science and Humanitarian for a room to study. Why do we does that? The room is equipped with air-conditioner and can be used freely until recent. We also went to McDonald overnight for FYP/Thesis/Revision.

Should be questioning why we did it so often right? This is due to the hot and stuffy weather nowadays. As most of us are unable to concentrate while studying in room, we went outside to sought for comfort and a nice place to study. In the beginning, we just had a few hours and the time length seem to increase as we get along longer.

Hope what we fight for since the beginning of this semester will ripen and we're able to harvest massive amount of it. God bless.

Good luck for the exams. Finger crossed! Hope I can get the result I wanted =)

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