Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The week of boredom?

Has been an entire week since I last update. The week was tough and destructive for me as I had been constantly stay up till early morning before I kick the knuckles. My whole week was filled with thesis but the journey was not lonely as I had been accompanied by friends. The crazy moment ain't gonna stop instantaneously huh? No idea since when, I am marked or labelled with the word "Crazy" but at the same time "Emo". The emo elmo of me can only getting worst from time to time but the explosion from the gauze limit does leaving impact on ones life.

The emo me is might be the usual me as I am just too emotional unstable from time to time. However, I am having high gauze limit until recently. No matter how strong a person is, eventually he/she will broke down. Me too had broke down and seriously that was a very bad time. Breaking down in front friends was a tough and somehow embarrassing. Seriously, that was the second times that I broke down in front of friends. However, there is no salvation to this anymore.

It was tough for me but in the end I did it. Translation and input of own ideas does consume a portion of my time but what really time consuming is literature reviews. I need to spend hours searching and readings up to hundreds journals until I found the phrase that I need to include into the text. In the mean time, I need to translate and refine the sentences so that it sounds more natural. Done the abstract in an hour time and I am proud of this XD. Just when I wanna print the whole thesis out, I just get off my nerves as my printer is playing prank with me. I can't use the black cartridge to print and was prompt with incompatible ink cartridge. WTH, I just bought it a few month ago and now.... Really speechless~ In the end, I still need to print it at the shop while waiting for my turns and some problematic printer jeep giving me issues.

This is the week that I had least activity but I still went to new tune which I got the ticket on the actual date. Quite an amusement for me after a whole stressful week.

Folks if can, don't buy second hand cars as there are hidden problems that we can expected. After a few days didn't even start my engine, the batteries was so weak that I can't start my car. It was midnight and I was famish. However, thanks to my Yen Leng, Joyce, Jian Hong, Jipi, Yow Cheng and Yau Weng for the midnight aids. I really appreciate this a lot~

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