Saturday, September 01, 2012


Been a long time since I last visit. Sorry for abandoning my blog for such a long time.

I was toooooooo lazy when comes to blogging nowadays but this is just a lame excuses to start with. Never say never!

Is it good to not leave another opportunity open while seeking for another? Shutting down one's path seems to be the common habits of teens nowadays. This ain't just applied to opportunity but also daily choices. For me, I just simply shut everything off and this is very dangerous. Though I do not wish to have another opportunity flying pass me, I am aiming for higher resolution. The meaning of path is too deep to be understand whilst to be explained its another hefty work. Seeking for easy way out might be fast for most but the progress of learning never stop just here. The hard way teaches us how to live life to the fullest. However the flicker minded me choose to switch between both road from time to time making life so miserable. Well, human won't be happy with what they had now. That's the desire that drives us further but for me its another story. I seem to neglect more people's feeling than before and this might be the cruelest part in my life. As a Capri born, I am covered with solemness but desired for more close friends. However, as time passed, my friend circle does not expand but shrinking instead. The attitude of shut oneself off seems to have its side effect. My social network was small and in the nearby zone. Friends who lost contact were once best with and that the bitterness experienced till now. What should I do to remake the scenario where I do have more friends nearby?

Those who seek for truth will eventually found an answer for what they sought for. That should be what I hold on to for now. Buck up Ben!!!!

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