Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Life ain't easy

Life ain't easy! You have to go through a lot of hurdles and face tremors as you growing up. The inter-phase between stages is what drives us to grow even stronger and becoming a real adult. 

Did you ever wonder why your born to this world and realizing the difference between others and yourself? Well, I believe everyone does so. We would eventually compare with peoples whose are more superior in term of quality or ability than ourselves. This in turns resulting in pessimistic mindset and eventually hurt your weak and fragile soul. The wonder of human is that one soul could heal tremendously fast with the suitable approach of course. 

Been noticing few friends get set down recently. However, I couldn't do a thing to help out as they should have their own personal time for the healing process to proceed. I could only give my support verbally or via words. For all whom still in dilemma, please buck up! Your friends will still be around you and once you approach them, I believe they will help out if that's within their limit.

Well, its easy to say this but I myself did the same earlier on. Shutting up my heart and is unreachable by others. Even till now, I am still forging on a fake smile with hidden mask. I might have get used to this as since young, the hidden mask had been with me and had never teared down. Should I meet with a shrink to solve this? Hmm... I might someday!

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