Saturday, September 29, 2012

Travelling home again!!!

Guess what, I am going back hometown to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival aka Mooncake Festival on this weekend. However, it will be a very rush trip for me. Would be tiring of course as I'm rushing back and forth  just for the sake of travelling. Meanwhile, this also means that I will be attending my cousin's wedding dinner. Haha..

Happy Mid Autumn Festival to all friends!!! :D
Its the end of September and I am actually quite nervous. 
1) No replies from scholarship application side
2) Need to prepare for presentation
    ~ External SV
    ~ Proposal
3) My experiment progress still very slow.

Dammit! Who can help me to solve the first problem? Sigh...

I guess I need to do something about it. Curse my result of my bachelor degree!!! On the margin of acceptance and rejection for all the scholarship that opened for application. What am I suppose to correct it? It was so saddening if I still couldn't obtained any by the end of the year. God bless I could at least secured one. Finger crossed!!!

It will be October soon. There are lots more to plan and carry out in this lonely month. Hope Mr Emo will not appear as often. Tuning in soon... Au revoir! 

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