Sunday, September 23, 2012

Plan crumbles!!! :(

What a let down!!! I had been experiencing the same exact problem twice for now. What sadden is when everything is ready and this happens. I couldn't verbally express myself now, just pure disappointment. So hoping to have midas touch by turns to boost my luck to get rip of this issue.

This could be a good reason for me to stay moody throughout the day which was already a let down. Could I just let it be? Somehow, I have been wasting my time due to this issue. I couldn't even proceed to the next stage of what I should be doing.

Right now, I just wanna shout:

I HATE PLAN AHEAD NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whichever that I plan crumbles. Whenever I don't plan ahead and do as I like, nothing happens though. DAMN!!!! Muther fcuker!!!!

Well, heres the end of my frustration moment.

A lesson taken is a lesson learnt. We have to learn to take everything as if its not as granted. Nobody is perfect and able to achieve success in the first tried. Hard-worker will eventually be awarded with what they really desired. Complaining will only makes the route towards success blur and misty. Accept the failure and buck up. Get back to the one with the initial confidence and race towards what planned.

Words for myself: Mourn for the failure today and get back to the usual self again after 0000hr. Adius!

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