Sunday, September 30, 2012

Scholarship!!! Shortlisted!!! Secured!!

Travelling home does brings me luck! I just received an email from the scholarship that I applied earlier on.

The same place where I obtained good news regarding my education. Few years back, I was jumping with joy when I got a seat to UKM for biochemistry degree. That time I did share my joy with bff. It was over the  moon moment by then.

Now, I am furthering for my second degree and its the whole different story compared with previous. In order to survive, scholarship is required to cover my expenses in term of fees. Since enrolled, I had been applying for several scholarship. Well, some does disappointed as I'm not shortlisted. Life still goes on though. Right after I reach home, lady luck seem to like shinning on me. Received an email to check on application status and the word "Tahniah" got into my eyes. Shocked momentary an jumping with joy again. Haha... I'm nuts, ain't I?

Since I am at home, everything seems easy. I process those paperwork faster as my parents are here. I don't have to travel back home again to settle the same tedious paper work. 

Time wasted is now time saved! Coincidence just happens to me once again. 

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